In Tunis, Thousands Protest Against President Saied’s decisions

On Sunday, September 26, thousands of people, close to Ennahdha party and its allies, demonstrated in downtown Tunis against President Kais Saied and his latest decision extending his exceptional powers and suspending parts of the constitution. Thousands assembled in front of the National Theater on Habib Bourguiba Avenue from about 10:00 until 16:00 to denounce the recent decisions, which they consider illegitimate, calling it a “coup” and a step back towards dictatorship.

نواة في دقيقة: ”قلوب فايضة“ في القيروان، رغم الداء والهرسلة البوليسية

تم تأجيل مثول مجموعة “قلوب فايضة”، يوم الأربعاء 30 جوان 2021، لدى وكيل الجمهورية بمحكمة القيروان. للتذكير، قامت هذه المجموعة الشبابية الاحتجاجية بالتظاهر، يوم 21 جوان، تنديداً بتدهور الوضع الصحي بالقيروان وتخلي المسؤولين في السلط المحلية والمركزية عن دورهم في الأزمة الصحية الحالية وتنمية الجهة. الحركة الاحتجاجية التي نظمتها مجموعة “قلوب فايضة” تم قمعها من قبل البوليس وإيقاف نصف أعضائها بطريقة عنيفة.

Tunisia. Political Parties Taking to Streets a “Sign of Crisis”

In recent weeks, political parties have taken to the streets for rallies and demonstrations. The move from parliamentary chambers to downtown avenues follows weeks of unrest in January and February, confrontations between demonstrators and police, mass arrests and torture of detainees, and disagreements between President Kais Saied and Prime Minister (PM) Hichem Mechichi over the PM’s proposed ministerial reshuffle. The new party mobilizations reflects what one Ennahdha party official has called a “sign of crisis.”

Protests in Tunisia: Queer Activists on the Front Lines

On March 4, queer activist Rania Amdouni was sentenced to six months in prison after weeks of harassment by the police. « Queer and intersex individuals will defend Tunisians’ social and economic demands, even if the State does not consider them human because of their differences », Damino said. « Our presence in the protests is the result of a process that began in 2011 », Firas added.