Renewable energy in Tunisia: fossilized intentions

Located in the south of Tataouine, the Nawara oil field was inaugurated by former prime minister Youssef Chahed on February 5. According to Chahed, the field was alloted a 3.5 billion dinar budget and promises a production of 2.7 million m3 of gas, 7,000 barrels of petroleum and 3,200 barrels of liquefied petroleum gas per day. This is enough to reduce Tunisia’s energy deficit, an estimated 435.5 million dinars, or 44.9% of the 20% commercial deficit. And yet this project that Chahed described as « historic » flies in the face of the country’s international commitments.

تحقيق: بتروفاك ومنظومة الفساد

مسار المواجهات بين الأهالي وشركة بتروفاك الذّي انطلق منذ بداية السنة الجارية، والتركيز الإعلامي الموجه الذّي قسّم الشارع إلى مؤيّد لمطالب مواطني قرقنة ومستنكر لها، تغافل عن تناول مسألة أخرى لا تقلّ أهمية حول الشبهات التي تحوم حول عقد استغلال غاز حقل الشرقي وتورّط المسؤولين في الشركة بصفقات وتفاهمات مع أفراد عائلة الرئيس السابق زين العابدين بن عليّ. قضيّة تنفض الغبار عن حجم الفساد الذّي ينخر قطاع الطاقة والثروات الطبيعية في تونس.

Foreign Gas and Oil Companies Fuel Tunisia’s Hydrocarbon Industry

In contrast to what one hears on the streets about the dirth of natural resources that little Tunisia has to offer in the way of access to the global market, the cropping-up of press releases and studies in foreign press over the past decade or so intimate the titillation of petro-oil companies at prospects of investing in gas and oil exploration and production in the democratically-inclined ‘bright spot’ of the Arab World.

A ‘Win-Win’ Investment – OMV and ETAP Gazoduc-Nawara Project

In light of the implication of the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mines and the Tunisian National Oil Company in the mismanagement of natural resources, the notorious association of oil companies worldwide for politicization and economic corruption, and the immensity of intended exploration and production activities in the south of the country, the Gazoduc-Nawara project demands public attention.