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Nawaat Magazine: Minister of culture troubled by special issue cover

«Photo or caricature?» However burning the question may be, we will not answer it in the present editorial. Instead, we will leave it to the experts at the Ministry of Culture to weigh the gravity of our «error». What we will acknowledge here is the significance of the incident, an accurate and barefaced representation of the extraordinary (mis)adventures that unfold under Saied’s New Order.

حوار مع المخرج المصري تامر السعيد حول فيلم ”آخر أيّام المدينة“ [فيديو]

فيلم “آخر أيّام المدينة” من الأفلام التي طالتها أيادي الرقابة فمُنع من العرض في مصر. الفيلم الذي دام تصويره عشر سنوات يستحقّ الحديث أكثر من قرار المنع السخيف، وفي هذا الحوار لنواة يُجيبنا تامر السعيد عن العديد من التساؤلات حول العلاقة الجدليّة بين الفرد والمدينة الصاخبة وحول الارتجاليّة المقصودة في السينما. “آخر أيّام المدينة” يعرض في تونس منذ 4 جويلية بقاعات مدار قرطاج وأميلكار بالمنار وأ ب س والبرناس وسط العاصمة.

Anis Mahrsi: caricaturist at all costs

« I’m sick, » Mahrsi smiles. « My hand is sick… Like someone who always needs to smoke, I always need to draw. » Indeed, one of the most impressive things about Mahrsi is his seemingly relentless productivity, the profusion of caricatures, illustrations and projects he has worked on since 2011. In spite of a limited market, a media landscape that thas yet to shake of the habits of censorship, and lack of recognition, Mahrsi has not let down his pen for a moment.

Hacking Team : the company that spied on you during the Tunisian revolution!

Classified by Reporters Without Borders among “The Enemies of Internet,” Hacking Team is an Italian company specializing in software, surveillance systems, and decryption. On 6 July 2015, company servers were hacked, rendering public 400 Gb of information. One item to have emerged is a table showing the company’s past and current clients where we find listed for Tunisia the ATI, Tunisian Internet Agency. According to the leaked information, ATI benefited from Hacking Team services via a contract for a “demo” system in 2011—in the midst of the country’s revolution.