When cartoonists meet students and prisoners to see Tunisia from “different angles”

Over the next year, Tunisian cartoonists will take turns drawing and debating with students and prisoners throughout the country. « Dessinons la paix et la démocratie » [Let’s draw peace and democracy], is a collaborative project of Cartooning for Peace, the Arab Institute for Human Rights (IADH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT). A two-day training which took place September 6-7 at the IADH in Tunis marked a first exchange between after-school educators, prison staff and six cartoonists.

“Star Academy” pour les médias?

Un hors série de journal « La Presse », paru le 3 décembre dernier, nous propose de retracer l’histoire du dessin en Tunisie sous le titre « Vive la Révolution ». Chouette ambition et sacré challenge pour le quotidien.