Hunting is regulated by Tunisia’s Forest Code of 1988 and implementation provisions. According to the text, for which the former Director General of Forestry had promised a new version by the end of 2017, « hunting aims for a balance between wild animals, plants and human activities. To this end, hunters are required to practice this activity with rationality and responsibility and to conserve the balance and sustainability of ecosystems ». Hunting for tourists is possible only through a « Tunisian agency or hotel establishment authorized by the National Tourism Office and General Directorate of Forests » and in accordance with the decree updated annually by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Under the 1988 Forest Code, the High Council of Hunting and Conservation of Game was responsible for submitting its recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture for the annual decree fixing hunting quotas and zones. This body was replaced by the Consultative Commission of Hunting and Game Conservation whose 17 members, headed by the General Director of Forests, convene once a year to discuss proposed modifications for the decree. Members include representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, the National Federation of Hunters Associations, the National Federation of Hotel Establishments, the Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies, the National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPE) and the Friends of the Birds Association (AAO).