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Unique, but not exceptional: transitional justice in Tunisia

Tunisia’s decision to undertake its own transitional justice process, largely encouraged and supported by the international community, was formalized nearly two years after the departure of long-time president Zine El-Abedine Ben Ali. How the country’s path to reconciliation will be measured in a global context and how its work will impact Tunisians remains very much uncertain. In the meantime, the growing library of precedent cases offers lessons and examples for Tunisia’s truth-seeking body as it works to carry out its mission in the face of political, structural, and strategic challenges.

New York : la “People’s Climate March” du 21 septembre 2014 [Reportage]

[…] Selon les organisateurs de cette marche pacifique, 310 mille personnes (alors qu’on a avait prévu la participation de 100 mille âmes), des cinq continents (Sénégal, Colombie, Mexique, Zimbabwe, Afrique du Sud, Tibet, Chine, Argentine, Tunisie, Îles Marshall, Australie, etc.), ont répondu, le dimanche 21 septembre 2014, présents à cette historique marche en plein cœur du Big Apple, la ville de New York […]