Innawaation: Discover the testimonies about the last four rounds of media projects!
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In efforts to develop its multimedia platform, Nawaat is opening up to creative forces in the domains of art and technology in order to offer more innovative content. We are calling on artists, multimedia technicians, developers, web architects, designers and, of course, journalists to join in our efforts.
Innawaation is our new project aiming to expand our model with tools and content that include the diverse disciplines cited above. Innawaation is a creative media projects incubator structured around a series of residencies and events. These collaborations will take place during sessions that span 3 to 6 months of work, and will be presented online or during exhibitions.
For these residencies/collaborations, Nawaat will provide participants with a production budget as well as individual support in order to develop projects and other media content, notably in close collaboration with its permanent team. Nawaat’s technical and logistical infrastructure plus its human resources will also be available to participants.
In July 6th 2022, Nawaat launched the 5th call for projects for the 6th round of Innawaation.
You are invited to apply by sending an email to: Deadline to submit your applications is 10 August 2022 at midnight (as per the time of the email sent).
Previously selected projects:


  • Strengthen the links between art, journalism, new technologies and social and citizen engagement.
  • Establish a tradition that involves artists, journalists and techies in a participative and immersive approach.
  • Rethink quality journalism and introduce creative tools through arts and technologies.
  • Bring artists to take part in citizen and media action.
  • Promote access to artistic and cultural content.

Rym Amami

Haithem Sakouhi

Callum Francis Hugh

Gloub Faydha

Malek Khemiri

Selim Harbi


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