Tunisian derja VS classical Arabic, an ongoing rivalry

Tunisian derja and literary Arabic are often perceived as rivalling languages. But the conflict runs deeper than what appears at the surface, a product of cultural, political and historical issues. It is not enough to simply question the use of one language versus another. Instead, we can ask: why use one language at the expense of the other? What drives the decision to use one language and abandon the other? Nawaat set out to find some answers.

[This report falls within the scope of activities carried out by the network of Independent Media on the Arab World. This regional collaboration includes Al-Jumhuriya (Syria), Assafir Al Arabi (Lebanon), Mada Masr (Egypt), Maghreb Emergent (Algeria), Mashallah News (Lebanon), Nawaat (Tunisia), 7iber (Jordan) and Orient XX1 (France)]



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  1. 1
    Son of carthage

    We are a nation before any of those in middle east existed.
    Japan and tunisia are the first 2 nations been defined. And still hold the same boundries till now
    If you like to stay backward stick with arabic..
    Every language takes from others.
    Technologie words are not a parcel of arabic speaking.

  2. 2

    1. FRANALPHABETISM = following France like blind sheep.
    that’s your main problem.
    why using french ??
    in Geneva, they use french, because they are ethnically french. look at their names.
    in Quebec, they use french, because they are ethnically french. look at their names.
    look at your names. you are not ethnically french. are you ??

    2. franarabic = horrible.
    unacceptable on certain TV channels eg. Nessma: supposed to be in arabic. in reality a mix of arabic and french. they even use franch verbs with arabic grammar !!!
    ibartajiou = partager.
    nattakiou = attaquer …

    3. Fus-ha or Derja ??
    the official german laguage is Hochdeutsch ( high german) = fus-ha almaniya.
    in the german land, there are ca. 70 dialects ( derja ).
    but the language used in school, in papers … is Hochdeutsch = fus-ha
    in Zurich, the government is stressing on using Hochdeutsch when commuinicating with the State, rather than local dialect.

    as you can see , a big similarity with arabic.

    4. Conclusion:
    forget about french. learn english, instead.
    use Fus-ha in school, News on TV, newspapers, communicating with government agencies …

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