Erkiz Hip Hop innovates. Rap and mezoued are the expression of two different eras but have almost the same trajectory. Ignored and even renounced for a long time by the mainstream, these two music genres are the guests of honor of the event. The adventure of mixing hip hop and mezoued had always been a seductive idea for Trappa, the coordinator of Debo crew. By borrowing from the mezoued its authentic melodicity, rap brings its dissenting rhymes at the pace of the darbuka’s ornaments, far from the ease of intertwined choruses and the simplistic sampling. The structure is meant to be surprising and experimental, enriched with sonorities of smooth jazz and reggae accents. Saturated with a rich background of urban and traditional music, the artists of Erkiz Hip Hop show have offered, to the few hundreds of people in the audience, a concert which experimented with the crossing of genres and disciplines. Special mention for the instrumentation carried out by Jihed Khmiri, bringing together a wealth of percussionists to bendirs and darboukas, a bassist, a guitarist, a keyboardist and a drummer.