La police de Ben Ali!

Dictature: entre vous puis nous c’ est une histoire de coups!
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  1. 1

    لعنة الله عليهم…وين القضاه و العدالة
    يا ربي متى تخلصنا من الزين و حاشيته الفاسدة

  2. 3

    ecoeurant,tres grave,une enquete immediate doit etre ouverte et les responsables juges.Et tout ca est sur youtube,nos responsables sont ils a ce point inconscients??????ou sont ils a ce point extremement stupides.

  3. 4

    Vraiment malheureux de voir cette vidéo. Il faut qu’on expose ces sbires de Zine. Aussi il faut qu’on publie et on doit mentionner constamment les trois noms de ces bandits qui ont cause du mal à ce citoyen Tunisien…

  4. 5
    son of carthage m l australia

    when the enchanted land and
    by that I mean tunisia which engandered
    and gave rise to a child whom became it’s
    leader.that’s when it’s nightmare came to
    Almost like some one infected itself intentionally
    by aids.We are living the consequenses
    some individuels or cells are trying to put a
    fight but at the moment the outcome is not
    looking bright.
    tunisia is infected and the virus is Z forever
    or sometimes it’s ben for good called or known
    as.thought it’s not particularity for tunisia only.
    It infects all african,arab states it devolopes in
    the heads of state of these countries and known
    to inflict as much damage as AIDS eating at the
    social fabric of these countries stiming their
    growth if not killing it.
    It works like this:these little ambitous pea
    brains get to the top mostly by dubious means
    surround themselves by corrupt hangers on
    of simular kind to themselves then the body
    or country end up corroding then collapse
    on itself .Rats on a feast.
    the story of tunisia
    the living nightmare.

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