The web site from Harvard’s Berkman Center called “Herdict,” which allows worldwide internet users  to report about web sites being blocked is now in Arabic and Chinese.

Herdict is a useful tool which is intended to be a fast, crowdsourced means of revealing websites access problem or censorship. For example if you try to visit a web site from anyplace around the world but you don’t get access to it, and you don’t know if the problem is on the website’s your visiting end, accidental problems with your local connection, some other unknown issue, or an intentional crackdown, sort of firewall filtering from your ISP for that particular website, you can find that out in Herdict if others had the same issue, and you can report your problem yourself.

Herdict developed also an add-on for Firefox browsers which allows users to report websites as they browse, as well as to see what others are reporting.



The following chart details access reporting in Tunisia form Jan 23 2009 until May 30 2009:



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