The latest proposal by the Zambian Committee of Citizens at the National Constitution Conference to adopt a motion stipulating that presidential candidates should be university degree holder is a non sense and discriminatory against those who are competent to lead the country but are not in possession of a University degree.

Zambians, don’t be silly! Look at Tunisia: we have a president who has been leading the country for 22 years now and he does not hold a university degree. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even have a high school diploma! So what are you talking about our African neighbors!?

Didn’t you notice the achievement that our president has made since the change “el moubarik”? It’s hilarious, almost unbelievable! He miraculously changed everything in Tunisia, successfully leaded the country to compete with big nations, and “has made every effort to honor the commitments contained in his November 7th, 1987 Declaration: The respect for fundamental freedoms, rule of law, people’s sovereignty, national reconciliation, democracy, pluralism, social justice, solidarity, hard work, openness and modernity.”

Thus, he will be our choice in October 2009 for another term of five more years. And in order to ensure continuity, prosperity, and progress, we will further amend the constitution for the second time in 2014 (the first time was in 2002 to abandon the limit of presidential terms, extending the age limit for candidates to 75, and to grant our lovely and unique president judicial immunity during and after his presidency) to subsequently allow him to run again so that he remains our president forever!

And don’t you dare think for a second that president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali is a dictator, who is oppressing Tunisian, stealing their wealth, silencing the press, and doing everything possible to stay in office perpetually, because it’s not true! Don’t believe those who pretend so. It’s a conspiracy against Tunisia, falsehood fabrications to sabotage our country!


2009 – Nawaat.Org