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After weeks of pressure, stress, harassment and humiliation , Ahmed CHOUL , a young Tunisian local staff working for the embassy of Japan to Tunisia since more than 10 years had fatal heart attack on Friday November 20TH . few weeks ago , he had sent a letter to Japanese ministry of foreign affaires to draw their attention to the bad and nonhuman treatment and to the discrimination he and his colleagues were suffering from since a long period . unfortunately , the letter he sent failed to find consideration neither feedback from those expected to be in charge of inspection in the cabinet of the minister of foreign affaires. That was his last Help cry

Ahmed Choul was known for his professionalism , integrity , sincerity and loyalty to the Japanese diplomatic mission in Tunisia . yet since several months , three diplomats joined their efforts to make all kind of pressure and harassment on his person .those diplomats known for their discriminatory attitude towards local staff and towards the country where they are serving have succeeded in breaking the image and reputation of Japanese people supposed to be respectful to others , polite , faire , professional , , moderate , tactful …

It is in deed nothing but an image , a good image … the reality is completely different .

Behind those always-smiling faces , who were supposed to be diplomats serving the interest of their country and representing the best facets of the Japanese culture and values , behind those faces there were incredibly cruel persons … who have succeeded in pushing to death a beloved and respected person.