Appeal on 22nd Sep. 2005

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Dear Sir,

Further to the letter which was written by my husband Adel Rahali from “9th April Prison” in Tunisia (copy was sent to you by email, also copy on the attached CD) ; I would like to inform you that my husband has had the first trial at the initial court in Tunisia on 5th March 2005 when he was condemned to 10 years of imprisonment (Judicial Decision No 588 dated 5 March 2005 (15 Pages) attached on CD), after that time we have requested for appeal as an objection on the judge decision of the initial court, because my husband is innocent, and although he was under physical torture, he didn’t admit that he belongs to any organization or any political party, now my husband scheduled to have the appeal on 22nd September 2005.

Therefore, please consider this letter as an important and very top urgent request to assign an observer to attend my husband’s appeal on 22nd September 2005 to monitor, write a report and to investigate in the trial of my husband, because there is no evidence against my husband in his file and he doesn’t deserve to be condemned to 10 years of imprisonment.

It is very important and very top urgent to prevent such unfair trial on 22nd September 2005 for the second time against my husband, specially that there was three legal violations during the first trial of my husband on 5th March 2005 they are as following :

  • Adel was judged under the terms of an extraordinary law in front of an ordinary court, which is unconstitutional. Adel should have been judged in front of an emergency court, which was repealed since beautiful lurette
  • Adel was judged under the terms of a promulgated law on December 10, 2003, but, at that time, he was arrested and imprisoned in Ireland. How could one apply this law, if not in a retroactive way, and judge for facts made before its promulgation ? It is illegal and unconstitutional and that constitutes a precedent in the history of Tunisian justice
  • Can one speak about justice when Adel condemned to five years of imprisonment for a nickname carried at the request of his wife, who is Jordanian and it is a practice on their premises, and an obligation impossible to circumvent

Your prompt efforts in justice realization for my husband are very highly appreciated, also please find attached a CD contains all my husband’s documents and other information, please open any page with Internet Explorer and proceed.

Looking forward to receiving your help and you support to free Adel.

Best Regards,

Mervat Yaghi

Wife of Adel Rahali

Email :

Mobile +962 777 97 12 59, Tel. +962 6 4891 989

P.O.Box 330956 Amman 11134 Jordan

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