Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def meets the Tunisian hip hop scene

It’s mathematics. In T-minus 10 days, Yasiin Bey, the artist formerly known as Mos Def, will be at Carpe Diem in La Marsa for Tunis Block Party (TBP) on May 10. Like the first two editions organized by collectives FRD, Upper Underground and Debo, the event will gather la crème de la crème of Tunisian DJs, Bboys, rappers and graffers. After an impressive turnout for block parties 1 and 2, a performance by the « Bey of Brooklyn » is sure to draw an even larger crowd for the event’s third edition. But TBP is not just a show for hip hop aficionados: with as much emphasis on street as stage, the party promises equal parts entertainment plus much-needed, healthy competition for participating artists.

New York : la “People’s Climate March” du 21 septembre 2014 [Reportage]

[…] Selon les organisateurs de cette marche pacifique, 310 mille personnes (alors qu’on a avait prévu la participation de 100 mille âmes), des cinq continents (Sénégal, Colombie, Mexique, Zimbabwe, Afrique du Sud, Tibet, Chine, Argentine, Tunisie, Îles Marshall, Australie, etc.), ont répondu, le dimanche 21 septembre 2014, présents à cette historique marche en plein cœur du Big Apple, la ville de New York […]