OH ! POOR ISLAM : Muslims Went Crazy ?

lmost one can time the reaction of Muslims to whatever they don’t like to hear about their Religion. The screams, effigy and flag burnings, and pure rampage to what comes in the way of the mob which exhibits an emotional outrage -by now stock cliche- far beyond what the offence warrants in normal humans ! Anyone with access to public media, particularly in […].

Islamizing Democracy Or Democratizing Islam ?

As the summer heat rises, it seems, to cause the human folly to follow suit. The guns of August are again at work in many spots in the heart of the so-called Arab world. And the war planners are busy in tweaking its goings and toolings. As it moves from “shock and awe” to more insidious but hopefully -for its planners-moreeffective approach, the so-called […].


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