Nawaat, target of harassment by the Presidency of the Republic

Nawaat condemns the harassment of its editorial team’s director as well as the manifest intention of authorities to attack its journalists. We consider these shameful proceedings as a serious threat against the freedom of expression and the right to organize. We pledge to our readers and to the public opinion to never give in to pressures and intimidation. Nawaat resisted the repression of dictatorship and will resist still more under the protection of the Tunisian Consitution, ratified international conventions, laws, and above all, the Tunisian courts. It is under the protection of these same courts that we will continue to publish leaks, including those from the Presidency of the Republic, if the occasion presents itself.

INPDP : “La réalité de la protection des données personnelles en Tunisie et les défis à relever” …

Le 30 mai 2016, l’Instance nationale de protection des données personnelles a tenu sa première conférence de presse portant sur ses activités et les conditions dans lesquelles elle travaille. À cet égard, aussi bien le président de l’INPDP que ses autres membres ont attiré l’attention des médias sur la faiblesse des moyens mis à la disposition de l’Instance par l’État tunisien. Pourtant, malgré cette faiblesse des moyens, Chawki Gaddes a exhibé un bilan plus qu’honorable (cf. ici bas la vidéo de la conférence dans sa version intégrale) […]

Terrorism and ICT: Keeping alive old surveillance practices in Tunisia

On the surface, the counterterrorism law of 25 July 2015 appears to introduce innovative measures to address crimes associated with new technologies. A number of these provisions, however, contain flaws including vague definitions, the privilege of immunity granted to investigators, threats to fundamental rights to privacy and access to information, and the exclusion of the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Information from the special commission in the fight against terrorism.