Covid-19 in Tunisia: Tensions arise between municipalities and central government

Since the announcement of the first cases of Coronavirus on March 2, 2020, Tunisia’s government has taken measures to slow down the epidemic— the curfew, general confinement and telecommuting for certain sectors. Despite their importance at a national level however, these measures do not call into question the responsibility of local authorities in preserving citizens’ health. A responsibility that follows the principle of administrative freedom stipulated in the Code of Local Collectivities. But to what extent have local authorities fulfilled their role in preventing the spread of the virus? Have conflicts arisen with regards to the government’s prerogatives and the powers conferred on the municipalities?

Anouar Brahem décentralise par son art et redonne de l’espoir au Kef

Le samedi 1er mars 2014, le Café-Théâtre du Nord a ouvert ses rencontres culturelles du Kef au centre Dramatique et Scénique avec le concert du Quartet Anouar Brahem, un vernissage d’exposition photographique « Le Kef & Alentours ». Le lendemain, dimanche 2 mars, les participants ont visité la Table de Jugurtha et ont passé l’après-midi au centre Café Théâtre du Nord à Tejerouine.