The Balancing Act: Tunisia and its Foreign Allies, Democracy-Building, and Reforms

In Tunisia’s case, there will likely be for many years to come the relentless push, from both without and within, for foreign governments and institutions to supply aid, support, assistance, and know-how to the end/under the pretext of promoting economic growth, social justice, and State accountability. In this context, will Tunisia allow outside interests and impositions to define its foreign relations and, by extension, its own autonomy? or will it remain vigilant, deliberate, and selective in decisions concerning relations with its geographical neighbors, economic ‘partners,’ and strategic ‘friends’?

Recommandations du Carter Center : un appel à agir pour harmoniser les lois

Dans un communiqué de presse publié le 10 avril dernier , le Carter Center incite les autorités Tunisiennes à prendre les mesures législatives nécessaires, quant à la consécration des droits humains au sein de la Constitution Tunisienne. Les recommandations préconisées par le Carter Center sont axées sur 3 volets : Droits de l’Homme, mise en œuvre de la Constitution et enfin un volet intitulés : institutions.