G8 dégage

January the 14th, Ben Ali found him self forced to flee Tunisia to Saudi Arabia under the pressure of popular youth movement started few weeks earlier in Sidi Bouzid. The revolution was, soon after, followed by another one in Egypt leading to the same success!

Tunisian and Egyptian youth had, then, few hours to celebrate their historical achievement before discovering that the real battle has just started… The battle against the regime and all the forces that may halt the democratic process.

Today, few months after removing Ben Ali and Mubarak, we went through a hard, sensitive and confusing process on which we had, each time, to unveil (by ourselves) the identity of our real enemies and to overcome their plans to abort the revolution.

Interim governments with their known guilt and implication with the old regimes, some political parties which are, till today, unable to refresh their ideologies and processes and get adapted to the new reality, big gurus of the old regime who still enjoy a lot of privileges and a huge power that are using to make sure situation won’t escape from their control… A long list of anti-revolution entities and persons!
This kept us so busy, so confused and so distracted that we didn’t see the worst coming… The G8!

The fall of Ben Ali and Mubarak was a huge surprise for everyone, but while we where balancing between our celebrations and protests, they (the masters of this world) were planning how to recover from the slap they got from both Tunisian and Egyptian youth..

Think  about it..

Do really buy the nice speeches Obama made about the Tunisian revolution?
Do you really think they are happy with Egypt being on the way to be ruled by its people?
Do you really buy their promises to not interfere in our processes?
Do you really really think they will accept a change, a deep and radical one, bein made in the middle east without their approval!

G8: Reality is changing, let’s adjust:

You won’t hear any of our dear politicians saying this… Forget it, they are too busy with their dirty and cheap fights!!

Islamism vs. Secularism, which party is the threat for democracy…. bla bla
The above are just samples of the current political debates here in Tunisia. If you are Egyptian, no need to comment, I bet this is typically the case with you!
Mash’allah, the same stupid school of losers!

The ones who are adjusting their processes are not our politicians but the G8 super duper cool club.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

They long controlled us by having our corrupt dictators in their pockets.. And they helped them keeping their regimes powerful and in place by maintaining us under the control of fear: Fear from them and fear from terrorism as they convinced us of their indispensability to fight it!

Now what? They must have said!
Fear is gone, terrorism myth is not convincing anymore…

Lady and gentlemen, you know what? We forget to say it before, but we love Egypt and we love Tunisia…
And believe it or not we are sooooo impressed by the courage, dignity, pacifism and determination of youth in both countries.. Oh yeah, they rock!
So, we are going to support them..
We are the savers of human rights, Aren’t we? Yes we are!
So we are going to give them a nice push… A big push.. A zillion dollars push!!
Yeah sure, they deserve it.. Look how nice, fresh and great they are!
From Tahrir square in Egypt to Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia we love you… And we will flood you, literally, with money!

Think again… Please.. it’s time to burn your mind and think,

I am not an addicted of the “conspiracy theories”, before throwing your usual accusations on my face, take you time to consider the following:

  • Mubarak and Ben Ali were both close allies to US and Israel and they helped them a lot achieving their most weired agendas in the whole region. The new, to be elected, guys won’t have the possibility to follow the same path.
  • Corruption of the old regimes made it so easy to many foreign entities, including global corporations, to arrange sweet and hot deals in the region.This won’t be possible under a democracy regime controlled by the people.
  • Egyptian regime, with contradiction of the Egyptian people will, was explicitly supportive to Israel and was implicated in may cases. Take Rafa Gate as just an exmaple. The next Egyptian government won’t afford to have the same policy with the Palestinians.
  • It’s not already clear how important will be the Islamic movements within the next Tunisian or Egyptian parliaments, but their influence is already a fact. Tunisia (I am not well informed about Egypt, this should be the case also) has a chance to have a democracy while not being secular. This would be a big slap to the whole occidental vision of democracy!

A huge debt billed by our freedom!

We will have to pay back a debt we didn’t decide to take..
And we will be forced to obey to their agendas, even more than what our removed dictators have done before..
We will be also forced to “eat” from our eventual social development plans, regional support budgets..
Forget all what we would love to achieve, forget the projects for which we have made the revolution!

I am not free, if I can’t decide for myself..
I cannot decide for myself if I owe someone zillions of dollars cash..The freedom gained by the blood of our brave martyrs won’t last if we don’t protest and reject the G8 plans for our both countries!

Egypt & Tunisia
Egypt & Tunisia Vs. G8

Save Tunisia and Egypt from slavery… Say No to the G8 plan!
G8… Dégage!





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