Nevermind if your face is covered, they know you are a protester anyway..
Nevermind if they don’t know who you are, who cares? They know what you stand for..
Nevermind if they don’t get your name, they get your slogans that you are shouting loudly..

When you got consumed, totally taken and passionated by a cause your identity won’t matter any more.
When totally committed to something, you stop caring about who you are and start focusing on how to achieve it.
Your causes and achievements are what defines you.. Anonymous or not, we know who you are by what you are doing?

Loose yourself with a cause, it’s your only path to find it..
Give your all to your beliefs, it’s the way to gain yourself..

One day they will recognize you by your achievements..
One day they will thank you for what you have done, for them.

You may be anonymous for them, but you are clear..
You may be anonymous for them, but you will do your best to make sure you cause is not anonymous..

We need people who are devoted for what they believe and not for what they need..
We need people who will stand each time for the causes they consider right and won’t fall for their own caprices..
We need anonymous with uncovered faces, proud and committed..

We need an elite who are willing to merge with the mass, for a common purpose that stands above everything else..
We need an elite who takes the people as their inspiration, and their causes as their fights..
We need an elite that is able to form a mass of anonymous.

You are what you stand for..
Your cause is your attribute, your name, your reason, your vision..
You see? you are not anonymous!

Let’s stand for Tunisia again, and be the anonymous that everyone knows!



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